Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Get your life straight ladies!!

   I have extremely thick, wavy, frizzy, some-what damaged hair so straightening my hair can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly. I've used straighteners in the past where it looked like I just put my finger in a electric outlet. I've used straighteners that claimed to be a "wet to dry" type of thing and that killed my hair and made it look pretty frizzy. I could go on with the negative side effects I've had with straightening my hair but instead I am gonna tell you about a POSITIVE outcome that I've recently had with a hair straightener!!! ⌣

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

Not only is this hair straightener a beauty but it works even better then it looks! 

My straightner came with Argan Oil conditioner (a one time use sample), a small bottle of Argan Oil Thermal Hair Spray, A heating glove, and a bright red case! I am 100% satisfied with every single product that they sent me. The argan oil thermal hair spray made my hair extremely shiny, smooth, and ZERO frizz! 

This bad boy goes up to 450 degrees which is perfect for someone who has thick wave hair like mine.

BEFORE: Wavy, frizzy hair

After STRAIGHT smooth shiny beautiful hair!

The ceramic plates heat up quickly and they stay hot. I really didn't have to continue going over the same strand of hair over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again..I think you get the picture! My hair looked very healthy, shiny, and smooth. The floating plates have curved edges so that you can either straighten your hair or add a little curl to it. I added a little bit of a curl up on my hair in the front. 

I have seriously zero complaints about this product and would highly recommend it to anyone. 

If you dont beleive me how about you check it out for yourself.

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