Friday, September 2, 2016

A great way to cut carbs out of your diet!

Prefer Green Spiralizer Spiral Slicer

What does this product come with?

4 Blades

A veggie cleaning brush

100 healthy recipes (through email)

Benefits of using this product:

Weight loss

Maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

Great to use when cutting carbs in your diet

Awesome for Gluten Free diets

Good for Paleo Raw food diets

Get more veggies in your diet and less carbs!

You can save money

It is quick and easy

Tons of variety 

Clean eating

Slip more fruits and veggies into your diet

What types of food can be made with it?

Veggie Pasta






Fries & Chips

Pasta Salad




And I bet you thought you could only make veggie pasta... :)

How to use:

It fits directly into your hand. (There is a built in finger guard for protection.) 

Step 1. Cut both ends off of veggie and peel (only if you want to peel.)

Step 2. Pick out which blade you are going to use.

Step 3. Place the veggie/fruit into the product. (Make sure that it is secure.)

Step 4. Put the end cap (which has a sharp end) directly into the veggie/fruit.

Step 5. Begin to get your spiralizer on!! Turn your veggie/fruit in one direction and it will begin to come out of the bottom. 

Step 6. Once you have your desired amount decide what you want to make from there!!

Blade sizes:

My Review

I have been wanting to try out a veggie spiralizer for months now and I am so glad that I was able to review this product.  I felt like a little giddy girl on Christmas Eve the first, second, and even third time I used this product! There is just so many different things I can make with it and I can get really creative with what I make (which I love). Also, the fact that it is super quick and easy to use definitely makes me love it even more!  If I am in a rush to eat I can use the spiralizer quickly and I can eat my veggies raw! So I don't even have to cook any of the veggies/fruit that I use. So that cuts out any cooking time. So easy and so simple!

I would rate this product a 3 out of 5. The only reason I am rating it a 3 is because when I received the product it already had 2 blades inserted in it. I couldn't get them out and my husband had to get one out for me and he cut himself in the process. So I have 2 different blades in it right now but those 2 blades are the only ones that I can use because I can't get them out. They are too hard to get out and I feel like I will definitely cut myself. I really wish they would have made it simple to switch the blades. That is the only downfall with this product. 

I love using my Prefer Green Veggie Spiralizer when I am making my Quinoa Bowls because I love having all sorts of different textures mixed into it. My most recent Quinoa Bowl was super yum!! I ended up using the spiralizer for my zucchini. 

I grabbed a zucchini, bowl, knife, and handy dandy Prefer Green Spiralizer.

I cut off the one end of the zucchini. I knew that I wasn't going to use the whole zucchini that is why I only cut off the one end. 

I placed the zucchini into the spiralizer. I held it in one hand, pushed the zucchini down and twisted counter clockwise (it shouldn't matter which way you twist it). 

This is what my zucchini looked like after using the Spiralizer.

 The beautiful zucchini all cut up perfectly.

I didn't cook the zucchini at all. I ate it raw and I took one tablespoon of almond butter popped it in the microwave for a few seconds to get it to become a little runny. I then poured it over top of the zucchini and that was zucchini seasoning! It might not sound good, but oh by its delectable. 

I then put all of my Quinoa bowl ingredients together. 

It tasted absolutely amazing!!! 

So go and grab one today on Amazon.
 It is on sale for $10.99 right now too!!

#SpiralizerSpiralSlicer #PreferGreen #VeggieSlicer

I did receive this product for free to give my own honest unbiased review. 

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