Monday, August 15, 2016

Wanna know whats great to have when your on a diet??

OmniGreen Labs Dietary Fiber Supplement

For anyone on a diet or for anyone in general FIBER is a must to have in your daily diet. Did you know that most Americans don't even come close to having enough fiber in their daily lives?  The normal amount of fiber we should be taking in is based off of how many calories we eat a day. For every 1000 calories we have we should be digesting 14 grams of fiber. For example, if you are eating 2000 calories a day then you should be consuming 28 grams of fiber daily. 
How many grams of fiber a day are you consuming?? If you aren't sure then chances are you aren't getting the proper daily amount of fiber in your diet. 

Health Perks of Fiber

Normalizes your bowel movements. Fiber helps to increase the weight and size of your stool. It can help runny stools by absorbing water and adding bulk to the stool. It can help hard bulky stools by making it easier to pass.

Lowers cholesterol levels. Soluble Fiber can help lower blood cholesterol levels by lowering low-density lipoprotein..which is bad cholesterol levels. Studies have also shown that there might be a link to other heart health benefits. Like reducing inflammation and blood pressure.

Helps maintain your bowel health. Who doesn't like to have a normal regular bowel schedule? I know I do. Having a high fiber diet may also help lower your risk of getting hemorrhoids and small pouches in your colon. Just for those reasons alone I am all about eating a high fiber diet!

Helps control blood sugar levels. Soluble fiber can help slow down the absorption of sugar and help improve improve blood sugar levels. 

Can help you achieve a healthy weight. Eating high fiber foods is a win-win for anyone on a diet. These types of foods normally make you feel full and feel satisfied longer than other foods. They also can take longer to consume and have fewer calories for the same volume of food. 

Facts about this supplement:

If you are new with taking a fiber supplement then you should always start off slow. If you jump into taking a large amount right away you could be dealing with gas, bloating, cramping, etc. So start off slow!! You know your body up the anty as soon as you feel comfortable enough to.

This product only uses ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!! Let me say that again, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!! Which is literally one ingredients. Natural Wheat Dextrin. 
Natural Wheat Dextrin- A versatile product that is primarily used in the textile, adhesive and food industries, and as a dietary fiber to improve digestion. It is used globally and has many commercial uses, along with various health benefits. 

This product is Gluten Free. Yes I know it can be confusing since it is made from natural WHEAT dextrin, but wheat dextrin is gluten free when it is made from potato, corn, arrowroot, tapioca, or rice. 


Each Serving provides 16% of your daily fiber intake. 

This product will dissolve completely in water and is a non-thickening formula.

Flavor and Scent free! (To me that is one of the best benefits from this product.)

This product is made in a FDA approved and c-GMP Certified Facility. 

The average customer reviews for this product on Amazon is an awesome 5 star rating. That alone speaks volumes about this product.

Serving Sizes

Before 4 years- Consult a healthcare professional before deciding

4-11 years- 1 spoonful (4 grams) once daily

12 years to an adult- 1 spoonful (4 grams) twice daily


Stir one spoonful into at least 1/2 cup of any beverage or soft food (hot or cold). Stir well until dissolved. Not recommend for carbonated beverages. 

My Personal Review

I have been in need of more fiber in my diet and that is exactly what I found with this product! I am super happy that I am getting close to my daily fiber goal. I have been trying to lay off any products that contain gluten so this product screamed out my name when it said gluten free. 

I have tried other fiber products before and I was kind of weary about trying this product because I had been kind of scarred from that scene. Any fiber product that I have tried in the past were not too nice to mix up with any kind of liquid because it would become thick, clumpy, and yucky.  This fiber was the exact opposite of that. I am proud to say that I am now "un-scarred" from fiber products. :)  

Did I mention there is ZERO smell or ZERO bad after taste. It is 100% odorless and tasteless. So it is perfect for anyone that has to give fiber to their children or to anyone that needs/wants to take fiber on a daily basis. 

I did try this product with just plain water which wasn't horrible at all, but I definitely prefer mixing it up in my daily protein shake. It mixes up very weird texture going on with this fiber powder.

When I make it with my protein shake I add one scoop of protein powder, one scoop of my protein powder, a little bit of water, 3-4 ice cubes and one banana. It is 100% delicious!!!! 

Pure yummy goodness!!!

You can head over to Amazon to check it out for yourself! 
Price: 5.99 (which isn't a bad price!)

I did receive this product for free to give my own honest unbiased review and that is exactly what I did! #FiberPowder #OmniGreen #OmniGreenLabs #AwesomeSoluableFiber

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