Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If you want a workout then you gotta try these out!

Live Infinitely Set of Workout Resistance Bands

Everything that is included in this set:

5 48" Natural Latex Resistance Bands

2 Soft Foam Handles

1 Ankle Strap

1 Oversized Door Anchor

1 Carrying Bag

Exclusive online downloadable workout guides and videos

5 Different Resistance Levels

Orange is 5 Lbs

Blue is 10 Lbs

Green is 20 Lbs

Black is 30 Lbs

Red is 40 Lbs

Altogether, that is a total resistance of 105 Lbs!


You can get a full body workout with this product. 

You can use them at home or pack them with you when you go on vacation or a business trip.

Easy storage.

Tone your body.

Sculpt your body.

Rehabilitate your body.

Cool Features:

Labeled Resistance Levels so you don't have to memorize or keep a resistance level chart around because the bands are already labeled for you!

Each Resistance Band has a metal D ring on both ends and you use them to connect to whichever attachment you are going to use with them. Very convenient. 

100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with your product contact their customer service team and you will receive awesome personal assistance. 

Zero Experience Needed. You can be a newbie at exercising or be an old timer.. no matter what these Resistance Bands are perfect for anyone!

Live Infinitely's exclusive online guide is extremely informative. It is downloadable and printable! It will show you all the right ways to workout your back,arms,shoulders,legs, etc. 

If your interested..

Head over to Amazon and give them a looksie!

My Review

I always love using different types of exercise "props" so I am not surprised that I love these Resistance Bands. I would rate this product a 10 out of 10.

I personally never used this kind of Resistance Band before but now that I have I am wondering why I have never tried them out before?!? They are seriously amazing. I love when I am working out and whatever I am doing or using I can actually feel a difference in what I am doing/using (aka feeling the burn). This product does exactly that. After a few reps I can really begin to feel the burn and tell that I am getting an awesome workout in. 

I normally workout 6 days a week Tabata style. I have definitely added these bad boys into my Tabata routine.  I do cardio, I lift weights, I use dumbbells, I use a pilates ring, but nothing compares to these awesome resistance bands when it comes to working out my lower body. :)

I love the fact that this product is so simple and easy to use that literally anyone can use them. There is zero complicating factors in this product. 

I am a huge fan of keeping my stuff organized and trying to keep things clean. This product comes with a great carrying case!I can put everything away in the small bag when I am done using it so then my house doesn't look a mess or look too cluttered. (That is a huge bonus for me!) 

I would highly recommend everyone have a set of these resistance bands. They are perfect for everyone and anyone. I truly believe even a huge macho man could get some good use out of this product. 

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I did receive this product for free to give my own honest unbiased review. 

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