Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Become Eco-Smart one step at a time!!!

Icosa Living Eco-Smart Premium Glass Straws Set

Product Details:

Full set of 6 handcrafted glass straws

Includes 1 nylon cleaning brush

Comes in a premium gift box

9" length, 9.5 mm diameter


BPA Free

Made from 100% borosilicate glass

What is the big deal about glass straws?

How many times in your life time have you thrown away plastic straws? Let me make a wild guess...too many to count. I can 100% relate. 
These glass straws are kind of a big deal (especially if you consider yourself an environment friendly person). You can literally reuse these straws over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again..I am hoping you get the point! Instead of constantly throwing away straws you will 1.save money! 2.slowly but surely save the environment! It is a win-win for everyone. 

Why would you want Eco-Smart Glass straws?

Eco-Smart Glass Straws are 100% perfect for ANY occasion.

 They are extremely classy looking for a party with your chic friends.

 They are perfect for kids because come on, what kid doesn't love straws?!

You can reuse them! So no more buying straws!!

Awesome Housewarming Gift

They are 100% BPA free.

What you can use them with:

Hot or Cold Beverages!


Milk Shakes

Protein Shakes



Hot Chocolate

Fruit Juice



Etc, etc, etc.

Where can I find these awesome straws?

You can purchase them on Amazon
They are currently on sale for $12.99. 
They are well worth $12.99 because once you purchase these bad boys you won't need to buy anymore straws again! Unless you want to purchase more for your friends and family!

My Personal Review

I give this a 10 out of 10 star rating. 

I am in awe of these glass straws! I am not the only person that is either. My hubby and my step son also think that they are pretty neat! (Especially my step son..he wanted to use one constantly!) So if you have any kids..I would definitely purchase these!!

Reasons why I love these straws:

Kid friendly. If you know a kid that doesn't love to use straws then pigs must be flying because I have yet to meet one that doesn't like them. 

Reusable. I don't have to buy anymore straws! :) That alone is pretty sweet in my book.

They look awesome! They add lots of character to my kitchen. They are so simple, but so attractive. 

Easy to clean. The cleaning brush that comes with these straws is amazing! It cleans the straws out perfectly. I always hated keeping those plastic straws that weren't meant to be thrown away because I could rewash them, but I could never 100% clean them the way that I know they were 100% clean. Then after a while I'd have to throw them away anyway because some kind of weird funk was attached to them that I couldn't get rid of. Zero funk with these glass straws!! This is actually one of the top reasons this product won me over so quickly.

Easy to use. I made an extremely thick milkshake and guess what? I had zero problems sucking it up with my straw! Normally with a plastic straw I would be trying to get the milkshake up and would be left feeling lightheaded and my straw would end up squashing together instead. Then I'd have to throw the straw away and use a spoon to eat my milkshake. THIS STRAW PASSED THE THICK MILKSHAKE TEST! So yeah, I am never going back..just saying!!

Cocktails. Yes, you really do feel superior drinking a cocktail from a glass straw. That is all that I will say.

Great for small or big cups!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone because they can be used all the time for any occasion!

 I did receive this product for free to give my own honest unbiased review. #icosalife #EcoSmart #GlassStraws #SaveMoney #SaveEnvironment 

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