Saturday, March 12, 2016

Want to get in good shape before the summer begins??

I have just began trying to live a happier healthier lifestyle the last few months and I am totally new to working out. Before the last few months started, I will admit, I always chose the path that wasn't the healthiest. Because of that reason it has taken a toll on my mind and body. I am sick and tired of feeling insecure about my I decided to do what most people do. WORK OUT!! At first, it took me a little bit to find which kind of work out was made for me. I am glad to say that it didn't take me too long to figure out that I love Pilates, Yoga, and Piit. 

Whenever I first came across the opportunity to review a Pilates Ring by Fitness a2z I had zero knowledge about using one. I didn't know if it was going to be easy or hard to use. I didn't know how to even begin using it. I didn't know if it was popular or not. I didn't know anything about it. I am SO glad that I jumped on the chance to review this product though because it has made my pilates workouts so much more intense!! 

Fitness a2z Pilates Ring

Benefits of using Pilates Ring:

Tones up your whole body! 
You can literally use the Pilates Ring for your upper body, lower body, and core. If you have a specific area you want to tone up then the Pilates Ring is for you!

Makes your muscles stronger. Pilates alone can make your muscles stronger..add some extra resistance to Pilates and it will take you to a whole new level!

Spices up your workouts!! If you like to push yourself while working out then using a Pilates Ring will definitely help you achieve that goal!

You are less likely to injure yourself when using the Pilates Ring VS Lifting weights. 

Its easy and convenient for people on the go!! It easily fits into a bag and is extremely light.

2 quick ways to use the Pilates Ring:

Stand up straight with your heels together. Squeeze your inner thighs and make sure you are really initiating your core. Hold the Fitness a2z Pilates Ring right in front of your chest (don't forget to hold it with both hands!) Your hands need to be flat with your finger tips pointing away from your body and your elbows bent slightly.  Proceed to press the ring in 10 times and then hold it in for 10 seconds. Keep doing this every time you move the ring up until it is over top of your head and then do it moving it down to the front of your chest again. You can continue doing this until you literally can't take anymore!

Lie down on your side (left or right side once done with that side you will do your other side). Rest on your elbow. Place the ring between your ankles and stretch your legs out away from you with your toes pointed. (Your hips should be stacked vertically.) Lift your top arm straight up and lift your ribs up from the floor. Inhale and when you exhale squeeze the ring as hard as you can. Inhale and release the ring. Repeat this process 10-15 times and then switch over to the other side!

My Review

When I first opened my Fitness a2z Pilates ring box I was a little surprised that it was just a ring with 2 soft cushion pads on each side. I thought really?? How is this even going to help me out? (Yes, I was being 100% negative.) I then began to play around with it. I first stuck my arms out and put my hands over the pads. I then began to squeeze in and out..making the ring go in a little bit and then go back out. I did this only for a short period of time when all of a sudden my arms began to burn. I could tell that this Pilates Ring was going to actually be on a much harder level then I originally thought. 

The last few weeks I have been using the Pilates Ring 3 days a week. (I actually found some pretty good Pilates Ring videos on YouTube.) Let me just inform all of you that using this Pilates Ring is no joke!! I use it for an all over body workout and it is only 30 minutes long, but it gets pretty hard! By the time I am 15 minutes in I am normally screaming from the burn! (Yes, letting small screams of torture out here and there does help me feel better about the burn and it actually pushes me to go further.) 

I absolutely love Fitness a2z Pilates Ring. After I am done exercising with it I can just feel my muscles getting tighter and stronger. I have noticed my thighs have gone down a bit since I started using this awesome Pilates Ring. I will have to say that I either do Piit, Yoga, and Pilates (with my ring) 6 days out of the week. Therefore, my thighs might have slimmed down from doing all 3 of these exercise routes. But, I am thinking it is from the Pilates Ring. If you use a Pilates Ring or have used one... you can understand why I would think my thighs thinning down is from the Pilates Ring. 

I would most definitely recommend this product to any one that is new to working out, that is new to Pilates, that has been doing Pilates for a long time. I promise, once you start using Fitness a2z Pilates Ring you will feel the burn and you will not be disappointed!! 

Fitness a2z Pilates Ring also comes with an exercise band. I have never used exercise bands before so that was a cool little surprise to try out. I found a few videos online that show you ways you can use exercise bands. Ways that I honestly would have never thought of! I have been enjoying finding ways to incorporate the exercise band into my exercise routine. 

 You can purchase this product at Amazon.
This product normally goes for $25.00
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I did receive this product for free to give my own honest unbiased review on & that is exactly what I did!!

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