Monday, March 14, 2016

The only downfall with a Samsung Galaxy s6..

  I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy s6. I absolutely love every thing about it. Well...ALMOST every thing. Thee only down side that I've fallen into is the battery usage. I will literally take my phone off of the charger and it will be 100% charged. I will open up my music app and jam out to some music and send a few text messages here and there. All of a sudden I take a quick glance at my phone and realize crap my battery is already down to 64% battery!!!!? From what I remember only like an hour has gone by. How it happens..I am still in the unknown about that issue. But, what I do know is that on days that I am super busy looking for a place to get my cell phone charged up isn't what I want to be doing. At all. 

I love my phone WAY too much to even think about getting rid of it. It's not even in my mind thought at all. So what can I do to try to change my ONE negative about my awesome Samsung Galaxy s6?? 

Get an extended battery case, of course!

1byone 4,000 mAh Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy s6

I have never used an Extended Battery Case before so this was all new to me. Once I received my product it was very simple to put together. The case is only 2 pieces. A front and a back piece. It also came with a USB cord to charge it.

This is a picture of the back part of the case. In the middle on the bottom of the case is a part that connects to your phone. It connects to where you would normally charge your phone at. That is how your phone will be able to pick up a charge from the battery case.

This is a picture of the back of the case. On the bottom corner you can see a small power button. Once your phone battery begins to wither can just press the power button and it instantly begins to charge!! 

This is what the Samsung Galaxy s6 looks like with this lovely extended battery case on. :)

I love how it is very very very simple and convenient to use.
 If I am out and about and my phone battery starts to die I can just quickly press the power button in and throw my phone back into my purse. 

I personally have 2 negatives with this cell phone case.

1. It makes my phone feel a lot heavier and bulkier. But then again, what can someone expect when the case has another charger connected to it?? I guess it is just something I will have to get used to.

 2. My phone doesn't feel very protected. I feel like if I were to drop my phone..some kind of damage would be done. I am not sure if the case would just break or if something would happen to my phone?

Just like anything else in this world there are negative and positives about every thing. 

I would recommend this product to anyone that lives a busy lifestyle and doesn't have time to always be stopping to charge their phone. I promise it makes a huge difference to have an Extended Battery Case because it will make your life easier. 

Do you want to join the bandwagon and try out an extended battery case too?? 
Click here  and check one out for yourself!
It's currently on sale for $20.99!!
It is well worth the money!
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I did receive this product for free to give my own honest unbiased opinion and that is what I did!

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