Friday, March 4, 2016

I feel, You feel, We all feel...

I am a firm believer that you need to express yourself or you will literally keep bottling every little thing up and all of a sudden BOOOOOM! You will have a world wide blow out. Those type of blow outs normally don't end too well. People end up saying things that they don't mean, people end relationships that probably didn't even need to be ended, and it can really make people look at you differently afterwards.

I love to express my feelings. Anyone that is really close to me knows this about me. I need to let people know how I feel because I don't like bottling things up and then exploding all over anyone. I've done it and I've seen it happen. I don't personally want to go through that type of thing..ever again. 

Once I saw that I had the chance to review Feelings Magnets..I most definitely jumped on the opportunity! I've never used Feelings Magnets, but I have used happy faces, sad faces, mad faces, confused faces, embarrassed faces, etc for my journal. 

Feeling Magnets 

These awesome Feeling Magnets come with 94 colorful emotion magnets. (Yes, 94 different emotions to choose from!! I didn't even know there was that many emotions to choose from!)

They come in a cute portable tin box. The portable tin box makes it extremely convenient for people on the go! (I personally like all my magnets on my fridge.) 

 It comes with 2 cute magnets that say, "I am feeling..." and "I want to feel...". Using these 2 magnets while describing your emotions really helps open your eyes to the emotions you are dealing with at hand and the emotions you want to be having!!

An awesome guide comes with this Feeling Magnets set. The guide simply helps you get started and will help you understand your emotions better.

You get access to the exclusive Feeling Magnets Member Club!

When to use Feeling Magnets


Do you want to understand your emotions better? Then Feeling Magnets are PERFECT for you!! There is 94 different emotions to chose from and it will help broaden your horizons whenever you are dealing with your emotions.

Are you currently feeling 100% stressed out and you aren't positive why? Then quickly get some Feeling Magnets because it will help you break down all of the emotions you are dealing with and you can get to the bottom of it!!

Do you feel like you are constantly feeling sad and you can't seem to shake it? Hurry up and get some Feeling Magnets!! Normally people don't just feel sad for no reason. There is normally other emotions along with the sad emotion. Find out what other emotions your dealing with and get the root of the problem!!

 Did you know that dealing with a negative emotion isn't a death sentence?? You can make beauty out of all negative feelings. Find out how with Feeling Magnets!

Do you want to better yourself as a person?? Use Feeling Magnets..I promise you it will make you stronger as a person because it helps you become more aware of your emotions, who you are, and what you want.

Has your relationship been slipping lately? Feeling Magnets can be very beneficial for your relationship. Sometimes when were in a relationship and it starts to go astray we tend to build up a whole bunch of emotions so when we go to communicate with this person we end up just have a yelling match. You can avoid that. You both can sit down and instead of vomiting out negative words..let each other know what your emotions are. I am not saying that this will help your relationship out the very first time you use this method, but if you continue trying it out and then talking about it with each other it will help you out a lot!

You can literally use Feeling Magnets whenever you want with whatever kind of situation you are going through. They are extremely helpful and there is ZERO negatives about trying them out!

How to use Feeling Magnets

Are a super busy person that's always on the go?? 
You can keep the Feeling Magnets in the cute little tin (it comes in) and use it virtually anywhere. 
At work
In the coffee shop
In the bathroom
At your friends house
At school
While Hiking
After your wicked gym session
In your car (NOT while driving)
On the bus


If you prefer to use the Feeling Magnets on your can!! (This is how I use them.)  That way you or your whole family can use them!!

My Review

I am in love with these awesome Feeling Magnets. I have really been trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle this year. I believe to achieve that a person has to work on the inside first before they can work on the outside. 

When I first got these Feeling Magnets I was probably a bit too excited to get them. I did use them with the cute tin box for a bit, but I decided to upgrade them to the kitchen fridge because I have been dealing with a whole bunch of different emotions and I had much more room on the fridge. I also feel like it is better for me because while I make coffee every morning I will do my Feeling Magnets. (If anything changes during the day..I make the appropriate changes asap.) 

I have learned a lot about myself with using these Feeling Magnets. For example, I have noticed that my emotions are a lot more negative when I don't do yoga or exercise for a day. I will point out the obvious, I am a woman and my monthly friend comes to visit me and I can tell when she is about to stop by for a visit because my emotions begin to run wild!!

I also love the fact that I am not the only one in the house hold that have been using these lovely magnets! My step son uses them from time to time. He normally doesn't express his feelings very well, but when he uses these Feeling Magnets it really helps him open up more. (Even when he uses them and then quickly mixes the magnets all up so we can't tell what his current feelings are and the feelings he wants to have..just knowing that he is using them is awesome though!!)

I would highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly (did I mention highly) recommend this product to one and to all!!! It is perfect to buy for yourself or to even give as a gift!! It is the perfect size to slip into your purse (for even a small purse) or to slip into your back pocket. So its perfect for someone that lives a busy, on the go lifestyle!! It's also perfect for a stay at home mom..or stay at home dad! It is perfect for the whole family! 

Do you want to understand your emotions better?? Then this product is perfect for you!! PLEASE check out their website

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I did receive this product  for free to give my own honest unbiased opinion and that is exactly what I did.

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