Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CrowdTap kits!!

Crowd Tap Kits that I recently Received!!

Have you heard of Crowd Tap?? If you haven't you reallllly need to check it out!! Click Here! If you love to try FREE products, give your honest review on them, and take fun quiz's and other fun things then you really should think about joining the Crowd Tap community!!

Advil Film-Coated Tablets

This product is awesome!! It came in the mail at exactly the right time. I am currently getting over the flu and have had all those nasty horrible effects for days now!! I have been dealing with body aches, major head aches, fever, and the list goes on!! I was majorly bummed out because it has literally taken away any kind of Holiday spirit that I had. Today I had to start wrapping up gifts and I totally didn't want to. I took 2 Advil Film-Coated tablets and within a half hour my headache was completely gone, all of those horrible body aches were gone, and my fever went down!! I am so happy with this product I would recommend this product to anyone!!!

Sweet 'N Low

I have always loved using Sweet 'N Low!! I love how it tastes with my coffee VS using real sugar. For that reason, I have been putting it in my coffee daily for years. I have honestly never tried it with anything else. Whenever I got this Crowd Tap Kit Sweet 'N Low actually gave me a recipe to try out. I haven't tried it yet, but I will be at the end of the week!! I will let you all know how it tasted!! I am excited to try it!! 

I received both of these sample Crowd Tap Kits for free!!! 

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