Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I dont know about you..but I love hitting the Jackpot!!!!

Jackpot Candles

I don't usually get overly excited like a little girl on Christmas Eve, but I can make an exception with Jackpot Candles!!! If you haven't heard about Jackpot Candles yet, then get ready to BRACE yourselves because your in for an exciting ride through SurpriseVille!!! Ask yourself these questions. Do you love candles? Do you love jewelry? Do you love surprises?!? Then Jackpot Candles is for you!!! Its all of these wonderful things wrapped up in a glass jar. Trying a Jackpot Candle was very memorable for me and would be an awesome gift for any lucky lady!! I would rate this candle a 10++++!!! 

Here's some info about their candles: 

100% Soy Candle
Each Candle is Hand Poured
Lots of Amazing Scents to Choose From
Free Jewelry Inside Every Candle 
YOU even Get to Choose Which Type of Jewelry You Want!! So whats it going to be? A necklace, earrings, or a ring?! (you can chose your ring size too!)
The Candle Burns for 80-100 Hours
Infused with Essential Oils
Are you getting excited yet?!? If so, go check it out for yourselves!! Click Here!!

Here's how the process works:

Once I got my candle I started burning it right away!! If your anything like me, then I have a feeling that you won't waste anytime doing that because you'll want to find your jewelry treasure!

The minute you even open the candle your nostrils are filled with a heavenly scent!! The scent isn't too over bearing and it definitely isn't not there..it's right in the middle which in my opinion, is exactly the way a candle should smell!! Jackpot Candles definitely knows how to mix up a good scent!! I chose Salted Caramel because who wouldn't want their house filled with the aroma of a splendid salty sweetness scent?!? 

As I burnt my candle down I kept on glancing into the wax to see if my jewlery surprise was showing yet!! (It took a few hours for mine to show.) But once it did I was super excited to get it out of the wax!! 

Remember how I mentioned how excited I was?? If you notice, I didn't even take time to blow out the candle. I would not suggest anyone to do that!! Play it safe and blow it out! I didn't get hurt or anything, but it would just be smarter to blow it out. Anyway, I used a pair of tweezers to get the jewelry treasure surprise out. 

I placed the foiled surprise into the lid of the candle. I let it sit for a few minutes because it was still warm from the wax.

Once its cooled off..I proceeded to unwrap the foil. At this point, I was grinning from ear to ear from total excitement!!! 
The jewelry will be in a small air tight baggie. Attached to the jewelry will be a small tag..on the tag it has a code on it. That is the appraisal code. Don't lose that code until you use it!!!

Here's a picture of my beautiful ring!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It was well worth the wait and I couldn't have been any more surprised during this whole process!

I went to Jackpot Candles and clicked on the appraise link. It explained where the code was located (on the tag that was on the jewelry) and I entered the code in. A light green box popped up saying that my jewelry is valued at $22.00. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome!!! Thanks Jackpot Candles!!!

I did receive this product for free to review and give my 100% honest feedback on and I am soooo glad that I did!! Thanks Jackpot Candles!!!

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