Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ways to apply eyeliner

I am only speaking from personal experience when I say, applying eyeliner can tend to be a grunting annoyance. There are times that I have planned to try the cat eye look..only to be majorly disappointed because I end up looking like I got into a fight with a cat. Then the eye liner is stuck on my face and I have to wash it off..which means I have to wash off all of the makeup that I've already done. So then I get frustrated and just apply my normal routine makeup. 

 This is a perfect example of what I go through every time I try the cat eye look!! I am 100% sure there are other ladies out there that experience this too!!

Step ONE:

You need to find an eyeliner that your comfortable with and one that works best on what kind of look you are trying to accomplish. There are a bunch of different brands and types to try! There is cream, pencil, or liquid eyeliner. You also should put into consideration the color of eyeliner you are choosing. The color pallet for eyeliners is limitless!! You can choose from black, dark brown, or wild crazy cool colors. :) 

If you are looking to accomplish a smooth, fine line look then a cream or liquid eyeliner is the way to go!

If you want that smudgy, blurred look then a pencil eyeliner would work best.

DIY eyeliner:
Powered Eyeliner
Few Drops of Water
Eyeliner Brush

Step TWO:

What kind of look are you going to try?

There is all sorts of different ways to apply eyeliner. Are you going to try something bold and beautiful or just play it safe with the classic look?


RULE OF THUMB!! You should always apply your makeup on first before you start applying your eyeliner. 

The Dot Method

Instead of just trying to draw a line..which in most cases will end up one side is thicker than the other side. Use the dot method! At the inner corner of eye place a small dot. At the middle of your eye place a large dot. And at the end of your eyelid place a medium dot. Then slowly and steadily connect the dots!! Once you have mastered this skill..applying eyeliner will seem like less of a hassle and become more of a fun routine!!

Cat Eyeliner

Step ONE:
Find your wing!! 
Hold a brush (or a slim object) against the side of your nose and angle it until it points to the very end of your eyebrow. That will be the line that you want your wing to follow!! The one reason the cat eyeliner look can be so discouraging is because the wings aren't identical and it is pretty easy to mess them up. You will need to make the length, how wide it is, and the type of angle you are doing all the same!

Remember: DO NOT pull your skin whenever you are drawing your wing!!!

Step TWO:
Make a small dot to show where the tip of your wing will be. Make sure that the dots on both sides LINE up!! This is very crucial!! If they don't line up..then once your done doing the cat eyeliner..I promise you it will NOT balance out and you will have to redo them. 

Draw a line that connects the dot to the outer corner of your eye and then continue to draw a line that connects the dot to the middle of your upper lash line. (This ends up being the outline of your wing.)

At this point, if your like me, then you should get out your q-tips and clean up any unwanted messes!!

Step FOUR:
Draw a thin line along your upper lash can use the dot method here if that is easier for you. On the upper lash line you can always keep it thin or make it thicker. 

Step FIVE:
Start thickening the line a little bit. You want to do this because you need to make your line wider toward the outer corner of your eye.

Step SIX:
Fill in your wing!! 

After you are done with your eyeliner..apply your mascara!!

You can use eyeliner to achieve many different effects!!
In the picture below, are some tips on how to accomplish special effects to your eyes!! 

Try to have fun with it!!
Trying out different ways to apply makeup can be fun!! I wouldn't suggest trying out anything new when your in a quick rush to get out the door. I would try it whenever you have some time to get ready or even on a day you aren't going to be going out. Don't make applying makeup a task..make it a fun creative fun time for just YOU!!

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